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We are working on our design store so that you can easily purchase common design projects, but as a frame of reference, our current hourly rate is $50. Contact us with any questions. Additionally, if you are a small or start-up business you can apply to pick your own price for your design project.

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It has always been our heart to encourage and serve small and start-up businesses and organizations. Our goal used to be to “someday in the future when we’re independently wealthy or have residual income to keep us afloat” help those who weren’t normally able to afford our services, simply because we hate to see people, especially those who need it most, sacrificing design quality.


Mid-2012 we embarked on a journey of faith and made the decision to extend that into other aspects of our life as well. Thus, we offer small & start-up businesses and organizations a unique pricing structure that works within their budget.


Creative professions are already highly under-valued, and we want to be careful not to contribute to that mindset. With that in mind, we ask you to take a look at your budget and evaluate whether or not you are placing appropriate importance on your brand. Once you’ve done that, we invite you to submit your design project to us with your price. Why have to go back and forth with numerous designers trying to figure out if you can afford their services? We trust that you’ll respect our mission to serve. You can also trust that if your budget happens to be more than is necessary for your project we’ll tell you!

Upon approval, your project will be placed on our queue in a way that fits best in relation to timeline, cost, and other projects, with consideration to your desired outcome. In the event that we feel we’re not a good fit for your project for some reason we’ll do our best to point you in a different direction.

Pay it Forward

In the spirit of the small business community, we are setting up a new program for businesses and individuals to support each other. Coming soon!



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