Who We Are

Let’s see, we were born. We realized we have a passion for creating. We met. We realized we love each other and make a great team. We decided to do life together and started creating stuff for other people. Two children later we are still loving life and working together to make great stuff for our clients.

David handles all the technical coding mumbojumbo and gets his hands dirty with product and on-location photography as well as helping with brainstorming sessions. Christina stares at blank paper or her computer screen until ideas emerge. Actually, she is sometimes inspired when she should be asleep in the middle of the night or wee morning hours, and has been known to get up on numerous occasions and hash out an idea until her brain will let her go back to bed.

Along with our passion for all things creative, we are passionate about small business. We realize that we have been truly blessed by the freedom to do this kind of work, and we particularly enjoy partnering with other small and start-up businesses to help them achieve a winning first impression with cohesive marketing materials. We really love to see you succeed, especially if it is at something you enjoy and it means you get to send more time with your family!

We also love traveling. In addition to living abroad individually before joining forces, we’ve now taken our work to China and Costa Rica so far, and have our eyes on some other countries in the future. Thanks to the nature of our business model we are able to work with our clients from wherever we happen to be. David’s first language was Spanish, so we offer fluency in both English and Spanish.

We are pretty real and down-to-earth. We enjoy living simply and naturally, and these standards are reflected in our clean, organic design. You can learn more about the way we work here.

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