Wearing Many Hats


There are a number of labels to describe the type of parent one is, SAH (Stay At Home), WOH (Work Outside the Home), WAH (Work At Home). For a long time we were kind of WOHLSAHAWMWWGH (Work Outside the Home Like Stay At Home And Work More When We Get Home).

For the first four years that we had kids they were “take-along kids” as opposed to us being stay-at-home parents. Being a work-at-home family is a crazy ride. Our kids make us laugh every day, even as we are sometimes pulling our hair out at the stuff they get into.

Juggling all the different hats that come with running a business and being parents is an interesting challenge, but we do this for two reasons – to be together as a family, and because we feel this is one of the things we were created to do.

Our hope is that we can encourage others who feel like they can’t possibly make things work, that indeed, it might take some paradigm shifts, but it can be an awfully invigorating ride!

We share more of our personal journey of being a self-employed, location independent family atTico‚ô•Tina.

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