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Andy Saltzman“Your design services were hands on and you took time to listen during the project development. You made it easy by meeting me right at my business location and you didn’t stop until I was 100% pleased with the result.”

Andy Saltzman / Andy Saltzman, CPA



Peter Keller“You got me to think about my customer base and target market and how that should impact my logo and brochure design. You [are] local, and I like doing business with local people to the extent possible. And, I could tell pretty quickly that you knew what you were doing from the questions you asked and the suggestions you offered. You have very good insight as to what will work from a marketing standpoint. Your pricing was extremely reasonable, which was very important in just starting a new business. (How likely would you be to recommend us to others?) On a scale of 1-10…15!”

Peter Keller / Keller Consulting

Jeff & Rhonda Yoder

“David & Christina create professional and quality material, while making it very easy to communicate with them exactly what you want. All of the work they have done for us has exceeded our expectations and we enjoy hearing our customers talk about our, to quote them, ‘awesome’ promotional materials.”

Jeff & Rhonda Yoder / Kalona Coffee House


Jennifer Jacobs“I love the colors and styles you choose. You take the time to help me pinpoint just what I want – timesaver! You are willing to be more flexible than other companies we have worked with. Response time is great and being flexible is very helpful. I would definitely recommend Kaleidoscope!”

Jennifer Jacobs / Farmers’ All Natural Creamery


Rachel Kerns“I think the level of personal connection you provided was very unique. I felt comfortable discussing any concerns we had with the site, and you did a great job validating my ‘vision’ and finding a workable compromise for the project. I think the user ease of the site now that it is up and going is going to be one of the most valuable tools that our program has. We can now quickly and efficiently communicate with our program… your dedication to the project was very professional and made working with you easy.”

Rachel Kerns / MPHSAP

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