Our Design Process

Stage 1:

We ‘meet’ with you to discuss the intended project. This includes filling out a client interview, which can be done a variety of ways. The easiest method is to fill it out here on the site. Alternatively you can print and mail it to us or you can give us a call and we can go over the information with you. The main goal at this point is to establish clear objectives. The more information we have, the more expedient and on-target we will be able to be in handling the project. We review the information you’ve provided and write up a Project Agreement along with our General Working Agreement (sample here), both of which need to be signed before the project proceeds to the next stage. The General Working Agreement is an outline of our overall working relationship, while the Project Agreement is specific to the project at hand and outlines costs and timelines. You will be able to print and mail these or sign online, which is the fastest way to get your project started.

Stage 2:

The first step in Stage 2 is to do any necessary research based on the objectives set up in Stage 1. We look at it as a “problem” that we need to solve, and of course we want to find the best solution. We then begin brainstorming and sketching concepts. The goal is to explore ideas without getting bogged down in details too early. Because of this, we also start out working primarily in black and white. Many times designs have to be converted to black and white, such as for faxing or use in a newspaper, so it’s important to know that the design works well without color.

Stage 3:

We make two or three rough draft versions of the project and upload them to your page on our site. At this point the design is usually still in black and white unless you have already specified colors. You then log in and choose a version as the direction in which you would like to proceed, including any requests for changes.

Stage 4:

We take the rough draft that you approve, along with any requests, and refine the design. This might include meshing concepts, expounding on one concept, or simply making the finishing touches, after which, we can begin working with color. You once again review the design, and the refinement process may be repeated until you are satisfied with the result, based on the provisions of your Project Agreement.

Stage 5:

At the point when the final design is approved several things might happen, depending on what we have drawn up in your Project Agreement.

  1. The design remains the property of Kaleidoscope International, which means that you have one-time use rights.
  2. You may purchase the rights to the designs, at which time you receive the design files in the necessary formats.
  3. In the case that Kaleidoscope International is directing the printing of a project, you will need to sign proofs from the printer stating that colors, type, etc. has been reviewed and is ready for print.

In each case, the final payment is due at this time unless otherwise stated in your contract. We will send you a notice when your invoice is available in your online account where you will be able to pay via PayPal or send us a check.

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