Krista Hershberger

Hey Krista Krista Krista =)

ok, I don’t know how serious you are about all this, but we usually don’t do things half-heartedly, so I am prepared to develop an internship/training program around your interests. If you are up for it and want to put in time and effort I think we can have a lot of fun together. I have to keep reminding myself that you’re only 17 (because I keep thinking you are older) but being smart and homeschooled is a good combination and I think generally turns out people that are good self-motivators and good at learning and thinking outside the box. These are the kinds of people we want on our team, so if you are willing to grow and learn with us then we are happy to have you on board! I just want to make sure from the start that we’re on the same page with everything, so these are the guidelines I think we should follow and you can add anything you think we’ve missed.

  1. Work Hard/Take it Seriously
    We will do our best to provide you with a lot of good and helpful information and training resources that we have gathered over the past 7 years, but it will obviously be up to you what you do with that.
  2. Be Flexible
    Seeing as we are both kind of guinea pigs in this scenario it will take some time to get in the groove.
  3. Be Open & Honest
    Good communication in both directions is imperative to a good experience. If something isn’t working we need to know. If we can both promise not to take anything personally I think we’ll be fine =)
  4. Have Fun!
    If you’re not having fun, then something is not working right and we need to reevaluate, so let us know! (see #3, haha)
  5. Be Loyal…
    Or at least be upfront about it if you are planning to go off and work for someone else or do something else on the side, cuz it’s just the nice thing to do =) Ideally if we put the time and energy into training you, you’ll be able to be a resource and work for us for years to come. Obviously neither of us has any idea how things will pan out, though it would be our goal to treat you well as a member of our team. However, if you have a better option sometime down the road then let’s just talk about it. Likewise we want to be loyal to you and not dump you for someone else should the opportunity arise. We’ll just pray and hope there is plenty of work and business to go around =) The idea would be that the more you help us to build up our business the better off you could be long term.

So the way I would envision this working is that we go through an indefinite time of internship, wherein we inundate you with resources, training, and inspiration. I have oodles of inspiration stuff to get you started and enough tutorials to keep you busy for years. You have it really good because I have not had a lot of time to devote purely to study. If you apply yourself you can probably surpass me in book knowledge because I just haven’t been able to learn all that I want. I’m not just going to teach you stuff I already know, I’m going to let you loose to learn above me. And I could see possibly growing and expanding our business around you/your interests to some extent if that makes sense over time. Again, hoping you’ll work with us, but as long as it makes your life better long term and you’re doing something you love, I’ll be happy =)

The internship will be guided by various assignments and projects dependent on your interests, and I would anticipate then over time bringing you in on various aspects of client projects and see how things go from there. When you do work on any paid projects I would anticipate agreeing on a specific amount or percentage on a per project basis. This would be least complicated as an independent contractor at least to start out. Depending on how much work we actually get, it could turn into a full time job at some point down the road, who really knows, but we hope so!

Kaleidoscope International is not our only goal in business, we hope to also develop a custom inspirational art business, among a number of other things, so that is one reason why we think we will need help and are trying to plan for that. I don’t know if you have any desire to be in business for yourself or not? I could see this arrangement being kind of the best of both worlds for you, if so. We could be in charge of handling all the fuddy duddy stuff we were talking about the other day and you could potentially do mostly fun stuff, lol.

So anyway, this is a rough draft of how your mission, should you choose to accept it, would look =)

If you feel up to it, go ahead and fill out the Intern Program Brief and we’ll crank this puppy into gear…

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