When we’re looking for services or products and can’t find some reference to pricing on the site we promptly move on to a different company that has that information available. With this in mind, we wanted to give you at least an idea of starting prices for different types of projects. While we do need to keep food in our kids’ mouths, we plain and simply love to do what we can to help your business out and know that cash is not always easy to come by in start-up situations, so keep in mind that we are often open to an exchange of services. Additionally, we offer a 10% discount for educational and non-profit organizations. Don’t hesitate to contact us to see what we might be able to work out.

Each project and situation is very different and there are often multiple possible solutions and varying scenarios that could be developed, so please don’t assume there is not a solution that can fit in your budget. We do our best to understand your project and get you an accurate quote before signing any contracts.

Do keep in mind that this table illustrates starting costs, which are affected by many factors. Your mileage may vary :). We do have package options which enable you to save some money by contracting several of our services together. (When we invest time into your business brand development it carries over into the other aspects of design for your business, as opposed to starting from scratch with every project.) View package options.


Starting at:


Branding & Identity Design

Logo Design
Research, brainstorming, and concepting time depend greatly on how well developed and thought out your brand already is.
Stationery Design
Stationery based off of a well developed brand will keep costs at a minimum.
Business Card Design
In spite of the prevalence of smartphones and other emerging technology, business cards are still a great way to make a good first impression. Little details can go far. Cost is based on how cool you want your card to be 🙂

Print Marketing Design

Brochure Design
A simple brochure with concise content ready to go is much different than one with a glut of information that needs to be edited and trimmed down to fit into an appealing format.
Flier Design
Flier size and quantity of information play a big part in a flier design budget.
Print Management
Sourcing the right printer for your project and preparing a file to printer specifications can be quite time consuming, but we want you to end up with a good end product.

Online Presence Design

Except for specialized situations, we build our sites within a Content Management System (CMS) so that our clients have control over their site’s content. Larger sites and additional features or specialized design create additional costs.
[Domain Registration


We provide this service at cost as an addon to a website package.
[Simple Hosting


$5/month or $50/year
This service is provided as an addon to a website package. It includes branded email.
Social Media Profile Design


 $50 Keeping your identity consistent across all your different profiles can be really time-consuming, especially when you figure in updating profiles every time a social site changes up their layout. Leave it to us, we’ll give you the professional edge.
Social Media Development
Social media sites account setup, customization, and integration takes a lot of time. Save yourself the headache and let us handle it for you.

Miscellaneous Design Services

Product/Onsite Photography
1st hour is $100 for locations within an approximate 30 minute drive. Additional hours are $75. Includes image editing.
Concept/Sketch to Computer
Sometimes you know just what you want but don’t have the means of developing it into the right format. We are happy to translate your idea or sketch into a file you can use.

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